Christopher Nolan


This guy needs no introduction, his movies are loved by one and all.We know him for directing some masterpieces like Memento, The Prestige, Inception, The Batman Trilogy and many more.. His  upcoming movie is Dunkirk, it’s trailer release last week and it’s already crossed 15 million views.He has a non-linear way of story telling and his movies often have open endings which helped Nolan to become one of the most successful and acclaimed directors of the 21st century.The characters portrayed in his movies will be remembered forever. Joker is considered to be one of the greatest villains of all time.


Top must watch Christopher Nolan movies:

1) The Prestige (2005)

Two friends and fellow magicians become bitter enemies after a sudden tragedy. As they devote themselves to this rivalry, they make sacrifices that bring them fame but with terrible consequences.


Watch it for:

Stellar starcast, the suspense will leave you speechless

2) Memento (2000)

A man, suffering from short-term memory loss, uses notes and tattoos to hunt for the man he thinks killed his wife.


Watch it for:

Arguably one of his finest work, Superb editing and screenplay.

3) The Dark Knight (2008)

Batman has a new foe, the Joker, who is an accomplished criminal hell-bent on decimating Gotham City. Together with Gordon and Harvey Dent, Batman struggles to thwart the Joker before it is too late.It is the second film of The Batman Trilogy.


Watch it for:

Strong perfomances by the cast and how can we forget Joker played by Heath Ledger


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